TOP CAR Cayenne(955/957)

TOP CAR Cayenne(955/957)

     Three projects Porsche Cayenne facelift projects have already been realized in close collaboration with Top Car with which we have a long-standing friendship.

Following the measure of consumer appeal all three modifications are relied on clients with higher demands to the outer look as well as the image of the automobile in comparison with buyers of factory manufactured Cayenne.


The automobile Advantage following our first intention should have become sportier in its appearance as well as high-tonier. The automobile has undergone serious changes and gained new image. The following details of the body has been retreated, they are: front bumper with air diffuser, front splash boards, baffle plates, rare wings, rare bumper. The front doors received new covers of bottom parts and additional covers for upper ones. As a result of long creative search in the sketching and mock-up process we achieved original decision of back doors covers as they got exclusive typical bonnet vent and lost handle of the door opening (it is now on the inner surface and the door is opened by means of electric pushbutton). It gave the car sportier image. The facelifting of the rare bumper is supposed to fix original exhausted nozzles and the door of the baggage compartment got a moulding of the bottom part on the level of bumper and a new spoiler above the rare glass. The mouldings on the rare wings are fixed on the body by means of a special off-the-shelf technology and the right part of them has in itself the sportive fuel tank access.

Curious peculiarity of it became the use of another lighting technology in the car and it gave it more originality, such as: headlights and flashlights that were taken from 997 Turbo model, and rare ones from post facelifting Cayenne (as well as pre-facelifting cars). The project was realized within the period of winter 2006 to spring 2007.



Market analysis showed that there are no potential consumers who are ready to such a revolutionary upgrade of their cars. As a result of it a new kit that is more traditional but less expressive kit of Vintage equipage was elaborated and put into production. This version of a body kit leaves the car body untouched and all decors is given owing to new bumpers, body sills, neck out arch flares and bottom side of the doors. The project was realized within the period of winter 2007-spring 2008.

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