Bilenkin Classic Cars Vintage

Bilenkin Classic Cars Vintage

    The Vintage project is a consistent step towards the embodiment of my longstanding idea of ideal classical lines and proportions, aesthetics and style, and ultimate engineering quality. This automobile offers a brilliant combination of exceptional engineering experience, along with the deepest affection for iconic creations of a bygone era.
    Bilenkin Classic Cars was founded in February 2002, when Kyrill Bilenkin first opened a unique creative workshop, specializing in classic car restoration and modernization. Over the past years, Bilenkin Classic Cars has breathed new life into more than 50 remarkable cars, making them the object of their owners’ pride and admiration. During all these years, most customers have truly become our friends and supporters. Setting demanding goals, they have challenged the team to search for supreme creative solutions.
    The classic Gran Turismo design of the 1960’s united with modern standards of comfort and safety to make Vintage the pinnacle of Bilenkin’s workshop. Creating an enchanting old-fashioned yet easy to use and maintain car was one of the biggest challenges. From the start, the strive for engineering perfection led the team to the modern BMW E 92 platform, a powerful and reliable sports coupe.

    It all began with a sketch.

   3D scanning of the Base Chassis allowed digital modeling of its new parts. CNC milled matrix for the manufacture of composite parts. We do not build cars; we create art.
    Every little detail is made with an unprecedented amount of attention and a part of our heart and soul. Exquisite two-tone paint requires not just advanced equipment, but a great deal of skill. Chrome metal bumpers and moldings are a matter of particular pride of the workshop.
   The wheel is the point of contact between driver and car; it contains safety features, such as airbags, in an elegant and stylish way. Its outstanding interior design identifies the distinctive style of our cars.
   Its unique materials require a special approach to choosing the tone and pattern.The exquisite appearance of Vintage demonstrates the perfect taste, style and personality of its future owners.
    The Vintage interior is a fine reflection of its owner. One would never encounter two identical Vintage model cars. Garniture, palettes and materials are always individually tailored.The handcrafted elements, made of precious metals and gemstones, underline the superiority and exclusivity of Vintage.You will be surprised to find famous Bavarian ergonomics in its retro-design interior.
    Despite the pearl glow of the panels, everything is in its right place; the onboard iDrive's computer screen, the automatic transmission gear-selector (disguised as a lever gearbox), and even the tuning knob of vintage stove and radiograms that neatly hides modern devices.We believe that an exclusive car should have a great sound system. You will be pleasantly surprised with both its appearance and powerful, clear sound of the carefully chosen high-end audio we use in Vintage.Despite its retro appearance, Vintage is a modern premium-class car, equipped with factory-certified crush avoidance features:

  • Head rests
  • 3-point seat belts
  • Front and curtain airbags

In November 2015, Bilenkin Classic Cars presented Vintage for the very first time at the Dubai International Motor Show. The model was highly admired by motor experts and exhibition attendees, alike. Bilenkin Classic Cars’ unique concept attracted public attention, receiving rave reviews and media coverage from all over the world.

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