Volga GAZ-3102 restyling

Volga GAZ-3102 restyling

    Ties of close cooperation bound us with many domestic automakers. GAZ-3102 car restyling project for Gorky Automobile Plant became the harvest of one of these tandems. The project didn’t affect outlines of door and window openings, which was dictated by economic and technological considerations, in accordance with the wishes of plant representatives and terms of reference.

    It succeeded to create modern and easily recognizable car image based on the old body due to shaping changing of whole car perimeter below window line as well as giving a new character to rear pillars volume.
    Combining of traditional, become canonical Volga family GAZ cars motifs, with new trends of shaping marching in step with times was our main stylistic challenge.
    The project was planned as replacement of 3102 model in the plant production line. The prototype constructed by us became an exhibit of GAZ stand at MIMS’03 and received a lot of positive feedbacks from industry professionals as well as the public. The prototype was delivered to customer together with all project documentation: mathematical models of external surfaces, sketches, sketch drawings, etc. after exposition completion in accordance with the contract.

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