Cabin BAZ

Cabin BAZ


     On the order of the Bryansk automobile plant that has actively been working in the sphere of manufacturing chassis for mechanically propelled truck cranes, the design for a multiaxis special chassis of a truck cabin was carried out.

    A special crane chassis is designated for assembling crane equipment with a lifting capacity of 100 tons and its transportation along all types of roads. Details of the cabin of the given transport vehicle and T3 were elaborated based on the particularities of this chassis. On its basis our company specialists developed a sketch project with a variety of alternatives for both the interior and exterior. Some concepts were chosen by the customer for further implementation in the prototype of the cabin. Further, mock-up operations were carried out on the metal frame cabin given. After mock-up operations, the single equipage was removed from the surfaces of the master models and details were produced on it. Prepared details of exterior were painted and details of interior were covered with alcantara and vinyl.

     The elaboration of air intake and heating systems of the cabin for which unique air-intake fittings were designed and created are a separate stage of the project. Ready-made details of both the interior and exterior were digitalized, mathematical models were built and a design documentation set was prepared.

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