Cortege project

Cortege project

Production of full-size prototypes of the off-road vehicle and van for the Russian State Research Center of FGUP NAMI within the framework of the "Cortege" project.

The main task for our coach building studio was the production of demonstration mock-prototypes, based on the stylistics developed by the specialists of the State Research Center of the Russian Federation FGUP NAMI for the limousine. The most important thing in the work was the creation of a uniform image of all the cars used in the first person's cortege, with the preservation of the main stylistic features used in the exterior of the limousine in the exteriors of the SUV and van, but each of the bodies had to have its own individual character.

The SUV and the van are escort vehicles in the motorcade of the first person of the state, and can also be applied to the use of various special services (police, ambulance, cash logistics and many others), up to the use for personal purposes of citizens.

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