Cardi 220 project

Cardi 220 project

   A historical conceptual automobile from CARDI coachbuilder - realization of a new image.

   The drive for its creation was the customer’s desire to own an exclusive and conceptual automobile which was timeless and which would not have an aggressive appearance on the road but rather one that induced respect; an image of calm confidence that would stand out from the grey mass of traffic. 

   The first steps of the engineering study in the search of designs did not yield the expected result until it was decided that Jaguar XJ220 Concept 1988 would be the basis for the general stylistics. General proportions, the language of forming surfaces which is clear and liked by everyone, and its simple, uncluttered image - clean, calm and dynamic – were inherited from that historical model.

   Along with the sketch design, a search and analysis of both style and technical images was carried out that allowed to define the ways through which the concept of Jaguar will gain a new life.

   The basis of the proportions and plastic keys of the surfaces were shown on two modelling clay mockups on a scale of M1:5 and the search continued in a sculptural form with more detailed engineering designs of different kinds of versions for the detail design of the exterior and the search for possible ways of developing the confirmed concept.

   The search, analysis and selection of a model were a separate phase in the process. A variety of contemporary stock cars as well as low-volume cars were investigated, which allowed the project to be carried out on their chassis. The final choice was AudiR8 that approved itself well as sport caret, the proportions, the structure and characteristics of which successfully allow to realize the formed concept of a new individual and exclusive automobile.

   At this stage, the project to search for and form an exclusive image based on specific requests, has been concluded. Further development of the project with an engineering study of the interior style and project engineering of the design is possible but it will be another design-story from CARDI.


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