Cortege project
Cardi 220 project

Concepts and prototypes

    Our coachbuilding studio have a big experience in development and production of different vehicles concepts and prototypes.

    Development of a concept car and car prototype construction is the most revealing phase in the development of a new product, new car body model or interior.

Why do we need a concept car?
    Necessity of the product creation, which not only allow to estimate vehicle by sight, but also, if necessary, work through constructive and technological solutions, may be appear during project development, depending of task. In this case car prototype is being produced. Working prototype allows to test implement solutions and to certify it in some cases.

    Concept car development and prototype construction is essential step in the development of any transportation design product. The main task during concept car or car prototype and others vehicles development is to lay in the construction basis solutions, which may be realized at series production.

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