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Coach builder CARDI has been working in the field of automobile design since 1991 and offers a range of services that enable projects to be realized from the concept development stage to a trial model or exclusive automobile.

The notion “auto design” may hold a variety of criteria. As for our coach builder company, the top priority goals in the field of auto design are as follows:

  • Development of both design and project engineering of new automobile models and special vehicles.
  • Manufacturing concepts and prototypes of automobiles made to order for industrial partners and customers, including design development as well as project engineering.
  • Drafting and manufacturing exclusive automobiles including design development, project engineering and the manufacturing of both car body and passenger compartment.
  • Serial tuning: manufacturing styling packages of modern automobiles for tuning companies putting the product on the market. Includes design development, project engineering, manufacturing copies of technological equipage and duplicating styling packages.

Exclusive tuning: design development, project engineering and manufacturing exclusive car body and passenger compartment for production automobiles.

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